Video: NDLEA Seizes Cocaine Worth Billions

NDLEA Seizes Cocaine Worth Millions of Dollars
NDLEA Seizes Cocaine Worth Millions of Dollars

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) made a historical drug seizure in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State on Monday.

A staggering 1.855 tons of cocaine was seized in a warehouse in the locale.

The seized drugs is confirmed to have a street value of $278million (in excess of N194billion).

A total of 5 Drug Lords were arrested in the unprecedented raid.

Cocaine Bricks Seized By NDLEA
Cocaine Bricks Seized By NDLEA

Their names are: Soji Jibril, Emmanuel Chukwu, Wasiu Akinade, Sunday Oguntelure, & Kelvin Smith, a native of Kingston, Jamaica.

They are all believed to be members of an international drug cartel.

In the history of the NDLEA, this raid goes down as the biggest of all drug seizures since its inception.

Teyru Music Hub has gotten hold of video footage of the drug seizure and duly made it available for you to download and view.

Simply follow the link 🖇️ below 👇 to get this video footage.


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