UK Government Confirm The Sale of Chelsea FC

UK Government Confirm The Sale of Chelsea FC
UK Government Confirm The Sale of Chelsea FC

The Government of the United Kingdom (UK), on Wednesday, confirmed the sale of Chelsea Football Club to the Todd Boehly-led consortium.

This much has been confirmed by the UK Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries.

The deal is worth a whooping $5 billion.

The English Premier League (EPL) has, in the same vein, approved the sale of the club which was formerly owned by Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich.

According to Dorries, the government is satisfied that none of the money from the club sale will benefit the Russian who is heavily linked to Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

“Last night the Government issued a licence that permits the sale of Chelsea FC,” Dorries confirmed.

“Given the sanctions we placed on those linked to Putin and the bloody invasion of Ukraine, the long-term future of the club can only be secured under a new owner.

“We are satisfied the proceeds of the sale will not benefit Roman Abramovich or other sanctioned individuals,” she said.

Dorries went on to thank all those responsible for the smooth sale and takeover.

“I want to thank everyone, especially officials who’ve worked tirelessly to keep the club playing and enable this sale, protecting fans and the wider football community,” her quote ended.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine by Putin, all those deemed to have close ties with the President were placed under sanctions, including Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich.

With fears of the sanctions looming, the ex Chelsea owner put the club up for sale in March and declared that the proceeds will go to the victims of the war.

He put New York company, The Raine Group, in charge of supervising the sale.

The UK Government did not quite agree and slapped sanctions on the Russian leading up to the eventual sale of the club to American, Todd Boehly and his consortium.

Boehly, the new owner, is the proud owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodgers, all full fledged sports clubs with big fan bases.

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