UFC 278: Kamaru Usman Falls To Leon Edwards

UFC 278_-_Kamaru Usman Loses To Leon Edwards
UFC 278_-_Kamaru Usman Loses To Leon Edwards

British Leon Edwards defeated Nigeria’s Kamaru Usman in one of the most shocking fights in UFC on Sunday morning.

The underdog win courtesy of late head Kick with just 1 minute to spear at Utah.

Usman has proved too much for his Challenger with his suffocating wrestling which Edwards struggled with all through.

Edwards had performed well in the first round but was constantly pummelled afterwards and looked destined for a unanimous decision loss to Usman.

However, with just 1 minute left till the end of the fight, the tricky British lured Edwards to lean forward towards his right before delivering a shin bone across Usman’s right jaw.

Edwards' Head Kick Sends Usman Unconscious
Edwards’ Head Kick Sends Usman Unconscious

That unexpected kick sent the “Nigerian Nightmare” down on the canvas unconscious.

The win makes Edwards only the 2nd British to become UFC Champion, the first been, Michael Bisping.

In the aftermath of the defeat, Usman took to twitter to reflect in his loss.

“Champions f*ck up sometimes, but we bounce back and come back with vengeance,” Usman tweeted.

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