Kizz Daniel Regains Freedom In Tanzania

Kizz Daniel Regains Freedom In Tanzania
Kizz Daniel Regains Freedom In Tanzania

Nigerian Musician, Kizz Daniel, has been released from police custody in Tanzania.

The singer regained his freedom on Monday night, hours after his arrest by the Tanzanian Police.

The singer was arrested based on a breach of contractual obligations.

The music star was booked for a top show in the Tanzania as the headline act.

Despite being paid in full, the singer still failed to turn up for the show, talk more of performing.

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The show’s organizer, Steven Uwa, explained that the artiste complained of his traveling bag being held up at the airport.

Uwa said that Kizz Daniel told him that his gold chain was in that bag and without the gold in his neck he would not perform.

His no-show for the event led the organizers to refer the case to the Police Authorities.

While Kizz Daniel will subsequently fly back to Nigeria, his lawyers will have to be present at the Police station on Tuesday.

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