kizz Daniel Apologizes To Tanzanian Show Organizers, Offers Solution

Kizz Daniel
Kizz Daniel

Nigerian Singer, Kizz Daniel, has issued an apology to the show organizers in Tanzania after failing to turn up at a show he was booked for.

He made this apology on Tuesday night after regaining freedom from police custody in Dar Es Saleem, Tanzania.

Kizz Daniel had been booked to headline a top show in Tanzania on Sunday.

Despite been paid in full for his services, the singer failed to turn up for his performance.

He cited the nonavailability of his gold chains as the reason for his absence!

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To shed more light on the matter, the artiste’s luggage containing his “gold chains” had been held up at the airport.

This excuse did not go down well with the show organizer, Steven Uwa, who dragged the singer to the Police dragnet on Monday.

Kizz was later granted bail and has not proffered a solution to the saga.

The singer has, now, volunteered to perform in another show on Friday in order to make up for the mess he caused.

It is interested to know what the reaction of the show organizers will be towards the singer’s suggestion.

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