Inmates Almost Assassinate Abba Kyari

Abba Kyari
Abba Kyari

Disgraced Nigerian Police officer, Abba Kyari, was almost assassinated in the Kuje Prisons were he is being held.

Teyru Music Hub gathers that inmates totalling up to 190 carried out the attack of the “Super Cop.”

Their grievances is based on the fact that Kyari took bribes for them in order to protect them from arrests, but, rather than hold up his end of the bargain, turned around to arrest them still.

This did not go down well with the aggrieved inmates, who, seizing the opportunity, attacked the Cop in retaliation.

The said inmates who are said to be smaller drug Lords were arrested by Kyari on different occasions.

A source within the prison confirm that Kyari was in league with suspected billionaire drug Lord, Afam Ukata.

The aim was for Kyari to arrest his competitors so the former could have some sort of monopoly.

In a bid to negotiate a peaceful resolution, Kyari is said to have paid N200, 000 to each of the aggrieved inmates, while also subscribing DSTV for each cell.

The inmates have, however, warned that if all their monies are not repaid in full, more harm will come to Kyari.

Sources say that if Kyari is not immediately moved to another Prison, he could eventually be murdered while in custody.

More details to follow as news unfolds.

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