Christensen Could Return To Chelsea As Free Agent

Christensen Could Return To Chelsea As Free Agent
Christensen Could Return To Chelsea As Free Agent

Danish footballer, Andreas Christensen, could become a free agent if Barcelona fail to register him by Saturday.

This much was revealed by American media, ESPN, on Wednesday.

La Liga has set a deadline of Saturday for teams to register new signings.

So far, FC Barcelona are unable to register a number of their new signings as they are waiting for a number of outgoings to be confirmed, first, in order to make room for new players.

This means that if the situation remains the same and Barcelona fail to register the former Chelsea defender, he could become a free agent once again.

This, theoretically, means that Chelsea FC could yet again re-sign him as a free agent!

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The situation is quite precarious for the Catalan giants despite club President, Juan Laporta expressing optimism that the situation will be resolved.

Chelsea, on one hand, are locked in tight negotiations with Leicester for the purchase of defender, Wesley Fofana.

Two bids from the Blues have been knocked backed and the idea of re-signing their youth player, Christensen, on a bizarre free agency could seem quite tempting.

One solution sources have proffered is the sale of midfielder, Frenkie De Jong, from Barcelona to Chelsea.

Chelsea are thought to be close to agreeing a deal for the midfielder and this could free up much needed squad space if the transfer does pull through.

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