Blaqbonez & Carter EFE Beef, Trade Insults

Blaqbonez & Carter EFE Beef, Trade Insults
Blaqbonez & Carter EFE Beef, Trade Insults

Nigerian Rapper, Blaqbonez, is locked in a serious beef with Comedy Skit maker, Carter EFE.

The Rapper traded words with Efe on Saturday evening, mocking his looks.

“Jealous of a naked comedian?” he queried the Comedian.

“I spend a lot of money to not look like you!” Blaqbonez went on.

Efe, then, clapped back by reminding the Rapper that it was Buju who gave him his only hit song.

The Comedian went further to boast about having a song debut on No. 1 (Machala), a feat, he claimed, Blaqbonez could not achieve.

The rift between the two has sparked a serious divide between fans of both celebrities.

It was Blaqbonez who fired the first shots by, first, calling out the the Comedian for his behavior towards Singer, Berri Tiga.

Berri has claimed that Efe had tried to exploit him and deny him revenue after both teamed up to release the hit track, “Machala.”

Blaqbonez took sides with Berri and blasted Efe’s behaviour.

This did not go down well the the Comedian, hence, their renewed hostilities.

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