Big Brother Naija – Level 2 Wins Wager Task

Big Brother Naija - Level 2 Wins Wager Task
Big Brother Naija – Level 2 Wins Wager Task

The Big Brother Naija Season 7 Wager Task took place again on Friday evening.

Level 2 Housemates emerged victorious in the task conducted by Big Brother.

The theme of the task was African culture and identity.

The task came in 2 phases, with Level 2 prevailing in the first phase, as well the second.

For the first phase–which had to do with presenting African culture–Level 2 racked up 40 points as against Level 1 with 20 points.

The 2nd phase centered on a debate between 3 representing speakers from the 2 levels.

While Doyin, Groovy and Dotun spoke for Level 1 Housemates,; Rachel, Phyna and Pharmsavi, spoke for Level 2.

After varied level of performance from both Levels, Level 2, again prevailed with a total of 20points as opposed to Level 1’s 10 points.

It brought the grand total of points count to: Level 1 – 30 points; Level 2 – 60 points.

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