Big Brother Naija – Beauty & Ilebaye Restart Quarrel

Big Brother Naija_-_Beauty & Ilebaye Restart Quarrel
Big Brother Naija_-_Beauty & Ilebaye Restart Quarrel

Big Brother Naija Housemates, Beauty and Ilebaye, have renewed their disputes once again.

The latest quarrel between both Season 7 contestants occurred on Tuesday afternoon after all the housemates finished their lunch.

Ilebaye had called on other housemates to wash their dishes and seemed to utter words that didn’t sit well with Beauty, who, then, reacted.

“Shut Up,” was the next shot fired at Beauty by Ilebaye, which then kick-started another fierce round of confrontation between both ladies.

Other housemates intervened before things could get out of hand once again.

In the house, there is a general belief that there is an undertone to both ladies’ differences.

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Beauty and fellow housemates, Groovy (male), are believed to be a couple in the house.

Ilebaye, on one hand, is thought to have a crush on Groovy as well even though she vehemently denies so.

Female Housemates, Amaka and Phyna, called Beauty aside to advise her to tone down on her rivalry with Ilebaye before people start thinking she is more in love with Groovy than he is with her.

Only last Sunday, Ilebaye and Beauty were punished by Big Brother for an altercation the previous day.

Ilebaye got off with a warning on that occasion, while Beauty bagged a strike.

It remains to be seen how Big Brother reacts to this latest burst-up between the two.

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