Big Brother Creates Twist With Decision On Groovy, Deji & Pharmsavi

Big Brother Creates Twist With Decision On Groovy, Deji and Pharmsavi
Big Brother Creates Twist With Decision On Groovy, Deji and Pharmsavi

There was a major twist in the Big Brother Naija Season 7 House on Friday.

This twist occurred in the aftermath of Friday Night’s Wager Task.

After announcing the winners of the Wager Task, Big Brother moved on to call out Housemates Deji and Groovy.

Deji had been murmuring for days on about how he wished to move from Level 1 to Level 2.

Big Brother addressed this and granted his wishing, informing him to pack his bags and keep in the storeroom.

More drama was to follow as Groovy was called out next and informed that he will be moving from Level 2 to Level 1.

This swap came as a shock to the other housemates who murmured their opposition to this decision but refused to speak out against Bug Brother.

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Next casualty on the list was Pharmsavi, who was called out for his multiple microphone infringements.

Hw was assured that a suitable punishment will be meted out to keep at a time to be allocated soon by Big Brother.

For the housemates, they are still oblivious of the fact that Deji is a ‘fake’ housemate inserted in the house to serve as an “agent” of big Brother.

His so-called ‘wish’ for a Level swap was orchestrated by Big Brother, who instructed Deji to begin murmuring about wanting to switch to the other housemates!

It is our belief that this adds to the spice and entertainment that makes the reality show simply unique.

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