Abramovich Denies £1.5b Chelsea Loan Repayment Request

Chelsea_-Roman Abramovich
Chelsea_-Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich has denied reports making the rounds that he requested Chelsea F.C pay the loan amount he forwarded the club.

He made this assertion via a statement he put out out this evening, 5th of March, 2022.

The said loan amount, totalling £1.5billion, had earlier been waived off by the sanctioned Chelsea boss following speculations of impending sanctions on him.

Roman Abramovich Statement
Roman Abramovich Statement

The Russian subsequently put the club up for sale and announced that the proceeds will be donated to charities meant to cater for the victims of the Ukraine-Russia war.

The U.K government subsequently placed sanctions on the Russian oligarch and took over the process of the club’s sale being handled by The Raine Group.

Following this latest development–regarding the loan payment–fans’ fears have been allayed with the club now hoping to finalize the sale of club and get on with business as usual.

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